Agent Greer
Agent Greer
Biographical Information
Real Name: Greer
Title: CIA Agent
Originally From: American
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Interests: Steve McGarrett
Affiliations: CIA (Double Agent)
Physical Description
Height: 5'6
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Cocoon
Portrayed by: Rochelle Aytes

Character Flag - Hawaiian Female CIA Criminal Deceased Season 9

Agent Greer is the double agent of the Central Intelligent Agency.

Early YearsEdit

Steve McGarrett met Greer right after her got his trident, but before he started dating Catherine Rollins. They spent two days of R&R in a Marrakesh fleabag before Steve was deployed, and left her a note.

Season 9 Edit

Steve was being mind control by her, causing him to experience things that aren't really there. Such as Wo Fat being there went he's not. And for killing Steve's friend. Later, making Steve mad at her. In "The Man Who fell from the Sky", she appears with Chinese spies trying to hunt down a mole for the CIA. She gets shot by Tani Rey and is taken into custody.

Greer appears again in "When the Light Goes Out, the House is Dark" where she sells out Steve's Seal team that took out a target in Morocco back in 2002. When Steve confronts her about it, she mocks him and tells him that he can't outrun the assassins. During the gun fight in Montana with Joe, Cole, and McGarrett, Greer escapes from prison and hides from the police.

She appears in "Gone on he Road from which There is No Returning" Where she appears in flashbacks with McGarrett when they had laid in bed and when she meets Catherine Rollins about dating Steve. It is revealed that she has been living in China when Omar Hassan gives Steve her location. Steve finds her and confronts her about selling out their country and turning on the men and women she has served with. Greer tries to shoot Steve but Catherine is able to shoot her in the back, killing her.

Season Nine
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