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Alaheo Pau'ole (Gone Forever) is the 12th episode of the second season in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.


A man left for dead in an abandoned bunker leads Five-0 to a case being investigated by Captain Fryer.



Max and Steve after discovering that the supposedly dead victim is still alive.

Hawaii Five-0 investigate when the body of a man is found in an abandoned World War II bunker but when Steve McGarrett and Max Bergman head into the bunker for a closer look, they discover to their disbelief and horror that the man is actually alive.

A while later, Agent Lori Weston tells the team that the man has been brought in the hospital and that the man is also in a medically-induced coma.

The team later join forces with Captain Vince Fryer.

They soon interview Sharon Archer whose husband, Dennis is the man they found in the bunker with Sharon revealing that their son, Sean disappeared and that Dennis went to great lengths to get any and all information on the case.

Furthermore, there was a girl named Bridgett Turner who was believed to have been romantically involved with Sean.

It's soon revealed that Turner is dead and that she and the owner of the hut were involved in a scam to claim the award that the Archers were offering for their missing son.

Eventually, the killer, Richard Lack is discovered and gives up the location of Sean Archer's remains, finally solving the case.


Main cast[]

Also starring[]

Guest starring[]


  • Kala Alexander as Kawika
  • Liana Green Wright as Tina
  • Michael Ng as Rafe Tong
  • Kordell Kekoa as Priest
  • Chase Bridgman as The Nerd
  • Reyn Mager Aubrey as The Smartass
  • Pakela Moriwaki as The Jock


  • It's revealed that Vince Fryer has been promoted to Chief of Detectives.
  • The team celebrate Chin getting married to his fiancé, Dr. Malia Waincroft.
  • The entire bridal party is barefooted at Chin and Malia's wedding.


Rafe Tong: They're dummy grenades. I'm just storing them for a friend.
Danny Williams: Dummy grenades... For, for a friend.  That's.. That's awful. Ok - I'll play along.
(Danny walks over to Chin and takes one of the grenades.)
Danny Williams: Grab ahold of that, would you.
(Danny puts the grenade into Rafe's handcuffed hands.)
Danny Williams: Hold on really tight. Now, if this is a dummy grenade, you're gonna be fine. But if it's not,
(Danny takes out the pin from the grenade while talking to Rafe.)
Danny Williams: it's gonna explode right in your hand.
(Chin, standing near by, looks incredulous.)
Danny Williams: So keep ahold tight, okay? So you let me know - we'll be outside.
(Danny starts walking away)
Danny Williams: (over his shoulder to an incredulous Chin) Come on.
(Chin hurries to catch up with Danny as he walks out.)
Rafe Tong: Woah, Woah - Ok, Ok!
(Danny stops and looks back at Rafe.)
Chin Ho Kelly: (quietly to Danny) You've been hanging with McGarrett too long.
Danny Williams: (quietly to Chin) What are you talking about?
(Both Chin and Danny move back to Rafe.)

Joe White: (to Steve) When your father sent you away, I promised to look after you, an.. and that's a promise I intend to keep.

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