Duke Lukela
Duke Lukela (Dennis)
Biographical Information
Title: Sgt. Duke Lukela
Originally From: Honolulu, Hawaii
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Wife: Nalani Lukela
Family: Carrie Nakahara (Daughter)

Akela Nakahara (Grand Daughter)

Affiliations: Honolulu Police Department
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
Portrayed by: Dennis Chun

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Duke Lukela is a member of the HPD or Honolulu Police Department and a good friend of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.

Season 8

  • Steve McGarrett told Tani Rey about the time Chin Ho Kelly got locked out of his hotel room in only a towel on Valentines day and ran into Duke and his wife. [1] [2]
  • Pua Kai mentioned that Duke had told him Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams had asked for him by name. [3]




Season Eight
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