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Heihei (Race) is the 10th episode of the first season in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.


The only lead in a case forces Danny to ask his ex-wife for help when a ring of thieves targets an armored car, killing the security guards but not taking any of the money.


In broad daylight and in downtown Waikiki, four masked assailants in white coats rob an armored car, shooting all three guards, killing two of them.

The Hawaii Five-0 Task Force led by Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett are dispatched to investigate. Steve and Officer Kono Kalakaua eventually find the van at the bottom of the sea which contains the money but the team is confused as to why the money is still there.

Detective Danny Williams eventually and reluctantly enlists the help of his ex-wife, Rachel Edwards. By using the bedroom as a stakeout area, Steve and Danny observe the four athletes who are participating in a triathlon event the next day.

The next morning, the triathlon event takes place with the four members of the group taking part but also planning to rob a diamond store too.

Hawaii Five-0 invade the race and are successful in taking down four members, ultimately solving the case.


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Danny Williams: The lawyers have decided since we "activate each other", that email would be a better form of communication. Except - I hate email. I'm never sitting at a computer and I can't type on this thing 'cause I got goofy thumbs.
(Danny hold up his thumb)

Danny Williams: They've got a clean up crew for that babe!
Kono Kalakaua: Do you need help?
(Danny, mocking Steve for using a feather from a feather duster and dust from a vacuum bag to lift prints)
Danny Williams: Ohh! I get it. Steve the science guy is back.

Steve McGarrett: I need a name Kia. Maybe four. See what you can remember.

Steve McGarrett: (about Rachel) She's cool, man. She's cool. I don't know how you got her.
Danny Williams:How did I get her? Hey - I am a good catch.
Steve McGarrett: No really... how did you get her?
Danny Williams: Seriously, Ahh. She hit me.
Steve McGarrett: She hit you?!
Danny Williams: yeah
Steve McGarrett: She hit you with what? With her fists? Like in the face? Or..
Danny Williams: No.. no, no. She ahh.. she was new to the states and ahh.. she wasn't used to driving on the right side of the road. And um, she saw a cop car and got flustered. So she rear ended me. All right, so I get out of the car, and I offered to give her driving lessons instead of giving her a ticket.
Steve McGarrett: Smooth move, bud.


  • The card Grace gives Danny at the end says on the front cover "I Love You Dano"
  • Danny and Rachel lived in a 2 bedroom in Weehawken - which is about 10 miles from Newark, NJ.


  • Steve McGarrett is fixing his house from the previous episode's fire fight.
  • Steve told Kamekona Tupuola he could 'keep' his phone after sitting on it for several hours. However he used his phone to take a picture of a fingerprint off a blood packet later.
  • Steve confirms he likes tea, and is often seen drinking it on relaxing mornings. Even making his own.
  • This is the first appearance of Rachel Edwards, Danny's ex-wife.
  • Kono is wearing a bathing suit underneath her clothes so she does not have to change to go diving for the missing money van. She also has a rash guard, dive mask, dive light and fins available in her car.
  • The makeup to hide Alex O'Laughlin's chest tattoos is rather orange-ish, so rather obvious when he takes off his shirt to go diving with Kono.
  • Steve has a dive mask, dive light and fins in the trunk of Danny's car. He swims in his cargo pants.

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