Hookman is the 1st episode of Season 6 in the original version of Hawaii Five-O

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kurt Stoner is an ex-convict who lost both hands caused when explosives he was holding went off in a gunbattle with Police. Now he's got a hit list and the last name is McGarrett!

Review[edit | edit source]

  • A contrived part is when a junkie shoots at Hawaii Five-O team with the same type of gun Stoner uses and only later does McGarrett realize a dead policeman was killed by Stoner!
  • A plot hole is when Stoner gets away in his mustang car while chased by McGarrett...the car is seen driving away from the docks. Yet when it is found ...its dragged out of the harbor! Likewise Stoner has bruises on his face when his car went into the water ...yet they don't appear again!
  • McGarrett describes Stoner as an explosives expert yet the pictures of Stoner in an army uniform he is wearing is that of Quartermaster Sgt-not an Engineer! Furthermore these are more 1960's uniform-not from 1940's
  • Stoner looks out his hotel window and sees McGarrett. When McGarrett tracks Stoner aka Brock to his apartment the telephone rings and Stoner swears McGarrett will wear a pair of artificial hooks and then shoots at Steve through the window. Plot holes are:

1) How can Stoner escape with his gun when McGarrett blocks the only exit/entrance from Stoner's hotel room?

2) How can Stoner carry a machine gun in a busy street and not attract any attention?

3) How can Stoner shoot at Steve through the window when it is painted over?

*Note:This episode was remade for the "Updated" Hawaii Five-O 2013 Differences in the Updated version: Stoner has prosthetic arms instead of hooks; Stoner leaves a engraved bullet cartridge at scene of each shooting instead of a engraved gun; one of his victims {who also appeared in the original episode} survives-instead of being killed!; Stoner is taking revenge on Steve McGarrett's son even though he lost his hands in a gunfight with Steve McGarrett Sr: Stoner is seen falling from the building after being killed-this was the same building the original Hookman was killed.

Cast[edit source]

Villian[edit | edit source]

  • J.J. Armes as Kurt "Hookman" Stoner
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