Ian Wright
Ian Wright
Biographical Information
Family: Aaron Wright (Brother)
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Akanahe
Portrayed by: Nick Jonas

Character Flag - American Male Criminal Killer Deceased Season 4

Ian Wright was introduced in the episode Akanahe as a hacker who Steve and Grover must apprehend for not paying his parking tickets it is soon revealed that he is wanted for much more heinous crimes.

In truth he is a sociopathic hacker known for hacking into highly secured areas in America, stealing security codes and selling them to those who could cause deaths in the thousands while he makes a quick buck.

By the time they track him down in the airport to arrest him, he uses his hacking skills to take control of an airplane containing 300+ people hostage and is more than willing to plummet them to their deaths unless they let him go. When they do let him go, he still does it regardless, but fortunately the two and rest of the task force were just in time to prevent that from happening.

He later appears in O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi where he shoots an old man just so he could stay in his home. He also kidnaps Grover's daughter so he could force Grover to steal 100 million dollars, and throughout the episode constantly taunts him about the his daughter's status causing Grover more emotional stress. He then reveals that he would have kill her regardless if Grover had gotten the 100 million dollars.

His actions manage to disgust Wo Fat, who shoots him dead the moment he sees him.


  • In all his appearances on the show, Nick Jonas was credited as a Special Guest Star.