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Japan is a country located in Asia. It has made numerous appearances in the series, debuting in Ha'alele where Commander Steve McGarrett is seen in the capital, Tokyo preparing to board a plane.

In Pa Make Loa, Steve's partner, Detective Danny Williams finds a map of Japan with the name "Shelburne" written underneath in the CHAMP Toolbox.

In Ua Hopu, Steve eventually finds and locates Wo Fat and in the Season 3 finale episode, Ua Hala, Steve's mentor, Joe White brings Steve to meet the legendary "Shelburne" who is later revealed to be Steve's supposedly dead mother, Doris McGarrett.

Former Residents in Japan[]


  • Japan is also the birthplace of Masi Oka (Max Bergman who interestingly enough was born in Japan's capital city, Tokyo.
  • During Season 1 to early season 2, the Tokyo Skytree was still in development. Starting in middle season 2, Tokyo Skytree later opened for public.