Jimmy Sykes
Jimmy Sykes
Biographical Information
Name: Jimmy Sykes
Real Name: Jimmy Sykes
Originally From: Honolulu, Hawaii
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Physical Description
Height: 6'0
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Ho'oilina
Portrayed by: Steven Bauer

Character Flag - Hawaiian Male Criminal Killer Deceased Season 5

Jimmy Sykes was a local drug dealer in Jordan Lewis's old neighborhood, he gave Lewis a job as his mother was a junkie, in debt, therefore owing Sykes money. Jordan then was sold meth outside Aces High, a bar owned by Ellie Clayton, but when the owner found out they got into a heated argument resulting in Ellie Clayton offering him a job to get the money to help pay his mother's debt but Jordan refused as he claimed "It's not that easy". Later Jordan is undercover for the five 0 task force and when Sykes admits to killing Ellie Clayton he hits Sykes over the head with a bottle and says "That man was the only person that ever gave a damn about me! You son of a bitch. He saw something good in me. Thought I could do better! He had a little girl!" Then five 0 storm into the place detaining three of Sykes's men, Steve kicks the door open Jordan Lewis turns around and Jimmy Sykes pulls out a gun and aims at Jordan leaving Steve McGarrett no choice but to shoot Sykes fatally killing him.