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Officer Junior Reigns is a former Navy SEAL and the newest member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.

Season 8[]


Junior Reigns came up to Steve asking for a job, but he was denied. Days later, Junior continues to do things to please Steve, including washing his car, who then tells him that if he finishes the police academy, he would offer him a job. Later that Season Junior temporally moves in with Steve. After an incident, Junior helps Steve with a bank robbing and continues to prove himself again until he finally gets his badge and becomes a field agent of Five-0.


In 8.02 Dog Days Junior randomly appears on Steve McGarrett's doorstep and introduces himself. He tells him that he had retired from the navy a few hours earlier and asks him for a job with the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force. Steve, however, has to disappoint him and explains that unfortunately he does not have an open position for him at the moment. Later that day Junior shows up at the palace where he is caught washing Steve's Truck by McGarrett and Lou Grover where he thanks Steve for taking time to talk to him that morning and although Steve tells him again that he does not have a job for him at the moment, he offers to meet him again the following day to talk about his opportunities. At this meeting, he introduces Junior to Seargent Duke, and explains to him that if he wants to be part of Five 0, he has to finish police academy first.

In 8.04 No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise Mc Garrett visits Junior during his shooting training at the police academy and chats with his instructor. He tells him that Junior is one of the best recruits he has ever seen in his career and that he reminds him a lot of Steve. Talking to Junior he finds out the young man doesn't own a cell phone which is why he buys one and gifts it to Junior. Later in that episode Steve discovers that Junior is sleeping in a mission center instead of the accommodations the academy offers. He offers him that that whatever he is going through at the moment, he will help him. He takes Junior back to his house and tells him that he'll stay at his until he's finished academy.

In 8.05 At Kama'oma'o, The Land of Activities Junior is seen as he cleans up the mess Steve's dog Eddie has left on the living room carpet when suddenly Danny Williams, wearing a creepy Halloween mask, rings the doorbell. Danny quickly realises that it was in fact not Steve, who opened the door and quickly introduces himself to Junior stating that he has spent a lot of money to scare Steve who now is not even present. Later that episode Junior and Eddie are seen helping with the search for Lacey Bell, where he also meets Tani.

In 8.07 The Royal Eyes Rest Above during his morning run, Junior is almost run over by his high school ex-girlfriend Layla, who is now pregnant by another guy. Shortly afterwards, he happens to pass a bank where he discovers four suspicious men who rob the bank shortly afterwards. He calls Steve and he and Adam Noshimuri, who comes back to Hawaii in this episode, help Steve chase down the gangsters and arrest them. However, he misses an exam at the police academy because of this, but Lou Grover assures him that they would understand his situation. At the end of the episode, Junior is seen in Steve's living room watching old videos on his laptop of him and Layla at their high school prom.


  • Got out of the navy as Special Operator 2nd Class. 2 hours after he "got back from the sandbox" he was on Steve's doorstep.[1]
  • Junior went to Steve on the word of his Master Chief David Lange (Steve's dive buddy) that Steve was the best.[2]
  • Junior's parents are mad at him for enlisting in the Navy and becoming a SEAL. Despite his own father serving in the United States Navy. [3]
  • Junior officially becomes a member of Hawaii Five-0 Task Force. [4]
  • Made his first on-screen kill. [5]
  • Shot in the shoulder. [6]
  • Junior Reigns had a sister, Maya, but she was killed by a drunk driver. [7]
  • Junior has an ex-girlfriend before his appearance, whom later split up with him . She is now married to another man, Tory, and has one son, named Kai.



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