Leonard Freeman is best known for his creation of Hawaii Five-O (1968) which would soon inspire a reboot in 2010.


Born in Sonoma County, California in October 21, 1920, he started his writing career in 1951. He wrote many shows such as Lessie, Route 66 and many others. In 1968 he created Hawaii Five-O that will last for 12 seasons and wrote some episodes. his last episode he wrote was Little Girl Blue.


In 1973, his health was in decline. By January 20th 1974 he died due to complications from heart surgery


After he death, the series would run for six more seasons before being cancelled in 1980. In 1997, CBS attempted to revive the series but failed. by 2010, they finally rebooted his series. his name would appear as "based on "Hawaii Five-O" created by Leonard Freeman"

Writing Credit(Hawaii Five-O)Edit

  • Cocoon (writer)
  • Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember (story)
  • King of the Hill (story)
  • The Box (story)
  • Once Upon a Time (writer)
  • The Big Kahuna (story)
  • The Ninety-Second War (story)
  • The Clock Struck Twelve (story)
  • Little Girl Blue (story)