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Ma'eme'e (Clean) is the 5th episode of the second season in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.


Five-0 is investigating the murder of a volleyball coach, which leads to new evidence about Kono. Chin and his former fiancée Malia find themselves spending time together.


Brian Scartelli is busy changing in a locker room when he is attacked and murdered by a single lone figure who slits Scartelli's throat with a blade.

The Hawaii Five-0 Task Force is summoned to investigate the murder. While processing the case, they soon discover that Scartelli had been staying with a couple named Karl and Trisha Joyner.

Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams head out to interview Karl Joyner, only to learn that Karl's wife, Trisha, has disappeared.

Seconds later, Karl is shot dead in front of the two H50 members.


Danny and Steve on the rooftop where the sniper who killed Karl Joyner was.

Steve and Danny head to the roof of a nearby house, where they suspect the killer was perched. Steve believes that a sniper killed Karl Joyner but the reason for the killing is still unknown.

At a hotel room, Agent Lori Weston and Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly begin searching for Trisha Joyner, who never returns to the room. Dwight Murphy attempts to enter the room with a gun, and he is then fired on by Lori and Chin Ho. Dwight later escapes in a car and Chin is shocked to discover that his getaway driver is his cousin, officer Kono Kalakaua. Dwight dies from his wounds while Kono is driving, and she is then instructed by Frank Delano to dump Dwight's body off of a bridge. She is intercepted by H50 before she gets the chance.

Kono is apprehended, but the interrogation is interrupted by Captain Vince Fryer, who reveals that Kono has been working undercover for him, helping Fryer bring down Frank Delano, his former partner. Chin Ho accuses Fryer of putting Kono's life at danger for the cause of getting revenge on his old partner. Kono is given the choice of picking up or ignoring a phone call from Delano. Despite Steve and Kono's unwillingness, she picks up and, decides to go back for one last mission against Delano's crime syndicate.

Kono meets Delano's group on the beach and his group later find Trisha Joyner in a hotel room, devastated after learning from a TV that her husband, Karl, is dead. Delano reveals that he wants Trisha to withdraw the money that he feels rightfully belongs to him. Trisha pleads that she did not know about Delano's missing money but reluctantly leads the group to the bank where she holds a safe deposit box.

As Trisha begins to break down in the deposit box vault, Kono tells Trisha that she's an undercover cop and that she'll help her "get out of this".

After meeting in the lobby, the group engages in a suspicious exchange of the money bag between them, which is noticed by an employee. One bank teller reaches for a silent alarm but the Delano and his gang draw submachine guns and suppressed pistols to stop him from doing so. At this time, Kono turns on Delano's group, knocking out a guard and guiding civilians to a safe haven. Delano shoots Kono in the arm. Delano takes a worker hostage and engages in a large shootout, with both Hawaii Five-0 and the HPD later arresting the entire gang, the H50 team having waited outside all along while also serving as secret back-up for Kono.

As Kono is treated for a gunshot wound to her left arm, Steve confronts Fryer and punches him, furious at the fact that Fryer willingly used Kono as bait.

Hawaii Five-0 then leaves the crime scene, the team having finally been united.


 Main cast[]

Also starring[]

Guest starring[]


  • Billy Ray Gallion as Ray Mapes
  • Joe Toro as Brian Scartelli
  • Rob Duval as Karl Joyner
  • Cathy Tanaka as Assistant Coach Burns
  • Blossom Lam Hoffman as Desk Clerk
  • Gary Price as Dwight Murphy
  • John Robotham as Jack
  • Vai Richards as Branch Manager
  • Ramsay Wharton as News Reporter


  • It is revealed that Kono never quit the HPD, but was working undercover for Internal Affairs.
  • Danny is getting kicked out of his apartment. They are knocking down his building and turning it into luxury condos.
  • First shootout death of a HPD officer.

Deaths [1]


Danny Williams: I do not think these were taken by a second father.
Steve McGarrett: Yeah - well maybe her real father or a boyfriend found out what was going on off the court between these two.
Danny Williams: Yeah, that's a good point. 'Cause if I found out somebody was taking pictures of Grace like this, I'd go to their house and I'd kill them.
Steve McGarrett: (quietly) Yeah. Me too.

Steve McGarrett: Hey, Fryer.
Capt. Vince Fryer: Yeah?
Steve McGarrett: Listen
(Steve punches Fryer in the face)
Steve McGarrett: Nobody messes with my team, all right?
Capt. Vince Fryer: (licks the blood off his lip) Duly noted, Commander.

Lori Weston: Want this?
(Offers magazine)
Chin Ho Kelly: No thanks
Lori Weston: What, you don't want to know what men really think of foreplay, or how to wax like a pro?
Chin Ho Kelly: Not so much


  • This is the first episode to have Lauren German credited as 'Also starring'.
  • Despite appearing in the credits, Dr. Max Bergman never appears in this episode.


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