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Nalowale (Forgotten/Missing) is the 5th episode of the first season in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.


When a young teenage girl's body is found near Waikiki, Steve and the team are assigned to finding her missing sister. The case is further complicated since their father is Michael Reeves, a United States Ambassador assigned to the Philippines and friends with the Governor.


An undercover water tour for a group of tourists turns into horror when they find the body of a young woman underwater. The woman is later revealed to be Amanda Reeves, the daughter of Ambassador Michael Reeves and Sarah Reeves, Michael Reeves being the United States Ambassador to the Philippines.

With Ambassador Reeves a personal friend of hers, Governor Pat Jameson enlists the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force's helping finding out who was responsible.

The team investigate and learn that Amanda was later seen at a nightclub. They also discover that Amanda and her sister, Robin Reeves were also both drugged according to HPD Medical Examiner Max Bergman before both girls were sold to a sex trafficking ring.

With Officer Kono Kalakaua undercover, her colleagues, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly storm the room where the ring is based and although they find many girls, they don't find Robin.

H-50 soon learn that terrorist Carlos Bagoyo and who also heads a Filipino terrorist organization is the one who ordered that both girls be kidnapped.

While Danny watches from the sideline, Steve, Chin and Kono storm the warehouse, rescuing Ambassador Reeves and also reuniting the Ambassador with his daughter, Robin. Steve also manages to subdue Bagoyo while Danny arrests Russell Ellison.

Meanwhile, Mary finds the CHAMP Box and begins investigating.


Main cast[]

Also starring[]

Guest starring[]


  • Cyrus Legg as Jordan
  • Didi Leong as Chinese Madame
  • Johnnie M. Purvis as Kang
  • Robert "Flash" Hansen as Bouncer
  • Duke Kenney as Son
  • Jacqueline Frederick as Robin Reeves
  • Jennifer Knight as Woman
  • Marcus Briggans as K&R Agent
  • Daryl Bonilla as Paulo Bell



(Danny and Steve show up together at the ME's office after being called in on the weekend)
Danny Williams: There's something different about you today.
(Danny looks at Steve)
Danny Williams: You, uh, you get a new haircut?
Steve McGarrett: No.
Danny Williams: New cargo pants?
(Steve shakes his head negative and smirks smugly with a "just got laid" look)
Danny Williams: What was that? (pointing to Steve's face)
Steve McGarrett: What?
Danny Williams: I believe you just smiled!
(Steve tries to look innocent)
Danny Williams: You.. you almost appear to be happy.
Steve McGarrett: You don't think I'm a happy person?
Danny Williams: You know.. (chuckles) You know, I'm sure you have your moments. You know, like when Guns & Ammo puts out their holiday gift guide, or a Rambo retrospective comes on TV.

(Catherine is at Steve's house after Steve leaves)
(Catherine unexpectedly meets Mary)
Catherine Rollins: Um... You must be
Mary McGarrett: The sister.
Catherine Rollins: (nervous/awkward) Yeah.
Mary McGarrett: I'm Mary. I'm just visiting from L.A.
(awkward silence between them)
Mary McGarrett: Big night last night!
Catherine Rollins: (questioning) Hmm?
Mary McGarrett: Old house. Thin walls.
Catherine Rollins: (embarrassed) Oh, God!
Mary McGarrett: (snarky) Yeah. You said that a lot.

Steve McGarrett: Yeah - it's called using the internet. People been doing it since the early 90's. You may have heard of it.
Danny Williams: I wouldn't know, I was still playing Ms. Pacman.
Steve McGarrett: Oh yeah
Danny Williams: Yeah
Steve McGarrett: Ever made it to double pretzel level?
Danny Williams: Triple banana bitch!
Steve McGarrett: (dirty look) You're a liar.
Danny Williams: No I'm not.

Danny Williams: Some detective I am. You... got into some Barry White last night didn't you?


  • Steve orders 2 Longboard beers at the bar for Danny and himself. They become a Five-0 staple over time.


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