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Ohana (Family) is the 2nd episode of the first season in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.


When a former cyber terrorism expert is kidnapped, Five-0 is assigned to find the missing expert in order to protect national security.


Roland Lowry, a former cyber terrorism expert with the National Security Agency, is talking to his son, Evan, when the van that Roland is in is ambushed with the bodyguards all being shot dead and Roland himself being kidnapped.

Due to the fact that Lowry's kidnapping is of national security, the Governor's Task Force of Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, Detective Danny Williams, Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly and Officer Kono Kalakaua are tasked with finding and rescuing Landry.

Fearing that the kidnappers may target Landry's son, Evan, Steve assigns Kono to guard Evan with Landry's girlfriend, Natalie Reed, helping.

However, it is soon revealed that Natalie is not only an Serbian national but she is also working for Drago Zanovic. Kono attempts to fight Natalie but is forced to surrender after discovering that Drago is holding Evan at gunpoint.

Eventually, Steve, Danny and Chin get suspicious of Kono's disappearance and they soon discover—thanks to Danny's hacker friend, Adam Charles AKA "Toast"—that Landry was working on a "skeleton key", a computer program that would allow the user to hack into anything.

Having gotten possession of the program, Drago and his gang are using it for a meeting with another gang to whom Drago attempts to smuggle the program to. Drago puts Kono and Evan on chairs with duct tape while he gets information from Landry, Evan tries to ask Kono what is happening but Drago overhears them. Drago tells Evan to shut up but Kono stands up for him. Kono then gets smacked to the ground hard. Drago and Natalie talk in Serbian about what they should do to Kono, Natalie then puts Kono back on the chair. She then proceeds to grab Kono's hair and pushes her head dismissively. While Kono was getting abused she secretly acquired a metal object to cut the rope off her hands.

As this goes on, Steve, Danny and Chin get ready to invade the warehouse. They did so and end up killing members of the gang as well as Drago's own group.

Drago who managed to survive as well is later arrested.


As Steve, Danny and Chin look on, Kono is sworn in as an official member of the unnamed Task Force and also as a Honolulu Police Department officer.

A few hours later, with Steve and Danny attending, Chin officially inducts Kono into the Honolulu Police Department, which results in Kono also becoming the fourth and final member of the unnamed Task Force.


Main cast[]

Guest starring[]


  • Berit Kawaguchi as Elevator Mother
  • Jennifer Delaeo as Girl with Dreads
  • Joshua Stankovits as Elevator Son
  • Ned Van Zandt as General Tom Nathanson
  • Paul Klink as Elevator Father
  • Teilor Grubbs as Grace Williams



  • In the elevator scene, after the family leaves the elevator, if you look at Alex O'Loughlin's right forearm, you can barely see his old tattoo that has since been removed.
  • Danny has worked 87 homicide cases in his career prior to this point
  • Steve gives Kono a KelTek pistol for her graduation. It looks like a PF9.
  • Danny gives Kono a Saint Michael (patron saint of police officers) medal for graduation - as his Sergeant did for him when he graduated.
  • Engraving on the flashlight that Chin gives Kono for her graduation: "To My Cousin, Who always brings light to darkness."
  • Danny wears his Newark Police Department uniform with Sergeant stripes during Kono's swearing in.


Steve McGarrett: What is it with you and walking into people's houses?
Danny Williams: Well I knocked.
Steve McGarrett: I didn't hear you knock.
Danny Williams: Well I did, I knocked. I saw you through the window and.. I thought you nodded.
Steve McGarrett: Didn't nod.
Danny Williams: Would you like me to leave?
Steve McGarrett: Depends. What's in the bag?
Danny Williams: Oh. Those doughnut-looking things they sell around the block.
Steve McGarrett: Malasadas?
Danny Williams: Yeah, whatever. They're fried and they taste good. You want one?
Steve McGarrett: No. Not without bypass surgery.

(Steve McGarrett walking toward camara)
Danny Williams: Where you going?
Steve McGarrett: We are going to Roland's house. These guys are thieves, I wanna know what they were after.
Danny Williams: That way, you're going?
Steve McGarrett: (realizing he is going the wrong way, turns around and goes the opposite way back toward the roof door) Shut up.

Steve McGarrett: Book him Danno.
Danny Williams: Really? I mean, is that gonna be a thing now?
Steve McGarrett: You don't like it?
Danny Williams: (speaking softly shaking his head no) like it.
Steve McGarrett: think it's catchy

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