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Pa Make Loa (Touch of Death) is the 21st episode of the second season in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.

The episode is the first of a two-part crossover, Touch of Death, between Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles, along with the twenty-first episode of NCIS: Los Angeles' third season, "Touch of Death".


Five-0 needs help when they encounter a terrorist who states that he has a deadly virus and will release it if his demands are not met. The NCIS counterterrorism team stationed in Los Angeles sends over two of its agents to assist.


 Main cast[]

Special guest star[]

Guest starring[]


  • Brian Yang as Charlie Fong
  • Sean Koegel as Bryan Palmer
  • Logan Harris as Kaitlyn Palmer
  • Kamuela Aiu as Officer Kelikoa
  • April Akeo as Nurse
  • Stacy Ray as Dr. Simone Dusek
  • Mitch Wojnowski as Bodyguard
  • Deanne August as Marcy
  • Devon Nekoba as TSA Sac Myers



The episode opens with Bryan Palmer banging against the windows of the house, demanding that his wife, Vanessa Palmer let him in.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Vanessa urges her children to sit down while Kaitlyn Palmer tells her mother that she's scared.

Vanessa tells Kaitlyn that she knows that her daughter's scared but she has to be real quiet now.

Back at the window, Bryan is still pounding against the door, demanding to be let in while inside the house, Oliver Palmer tells Vanessa, his mother to please make his father stop while outside, Bryan yells, "Come on".

Vanessa then gets through to an operator who states, "911, what is your emergency?". She then tells the woman that they need to send someone here right away with the phone operator wondering what the emergency is.

With Kaitlyn huddled against her and Oliver looking on, Vanessa tells the operator that her ex-husband is trying to break into the house and Vanessa believes that he might have been drinking before stating, "Please. My children are with me".

Back outside, Bryan who's still pounding against the window is demanding that he be let in now. While this goes on, the phone operator asks Vanessa if her husband has any weapons with Vanessa stating that her ex-owns several guns and could they please hurry?

It then cuts to the front door where Bryan is demanding that Vanessa let him in and as Bryan keeps on pounding, two HPD officers have arrived on the scene. One is carrying a normal weapon while his partner has a shotgun.

With his flashlight over his gun, the first HPD cop identifies himself as a police officer before telling Bryan Palmer to raise his hands and get down here.

As Bryan Palmer edges closer, the first cop tells him to come out where they can see him before yelling, "Hands where I can see them. Do it now!".

Palmer eventually emerges from the darkness, hands raised but it's shown that he has a lot of spots all over his body and as he kneels, he begs for help before collapsing to the gound as the two HPD officers look on, stunned.

It then cuts to Palmer who's now lying on the grass, dead.

Act One[]

In the McGarrett home, Danny Williams is busy looking through the evidence from the CHAMP toolbox that his partner, Steve McGarrett has managed to gather concerning the death of Steve's father, John McGarrett.

After spending many minutes searching, Danny eventually finds a map with the word, "Shelburne" written just underneath the location for Tokyo.

Chin Ho Kelly then comes in, stunned at seeing Danny in the house but Danny simply thanks Chin for coming and as Chin closes the door, Danny puts down the evidence he was looking at.

As he heads over to the table, Chin wonders how Danny got in with Danny telling Chin that he had a key from when he stayed over.

Chin approaches the desk and tells Danny that he could look at the stuff all night and still be no closer to figuring it out. Danny then tells Chin that he might have figured out where Steve went before giving Chin the map who looks through the map, stating the name, "Shelburne".

Chin then wonders if Danny's going to go to Japan too but Danny tells Chin that he's not going to Japan because he's going to stay in Hawaii and do his job before stating that leaving and not telling anyone where he's going isn't his style.

As Chin puts the map on the table, Danny begins ranting about how Steve's been gone for a week and about how he hasn't called to let the team know he's alive or he's okay. Chin then tells Danny that Steve believes that "Shelburne" has answers to a lot of questions including why Steve's father, John was murdered.

Danny just tells Chin that finding Shelburne isn't going to change anything but he's interrupting by his phone ringing and Danny greets the Governor. He then looks at Chin who stares back, obviously wanting to know what's going on before telling the Governor that he's on his way.

With that, Danny gets up from the desk.

It then cuts to show Danny's Camaro racing through the streets, lights flashing and siren blaring as it races to the crime scene.

Outside the Palmer house, numerous personnel including the CDC are already processing and examining everything.

As this happens, Kono Kalakaua, Chin's cousin and the fourth and final member of Hawaii Five-0 arrives on the scene and after getting past the tape, tells Danny and Chin that she just got the message before wondering what the Hell happened.

"Well, besides from waking up a neighborhood, our worst nightmare", Danny explains.

Chin tells Kono that the guy banging on the door dropped dead when HPD arrived with the victim's death apparently being from hemorrhagic smallpox which is a rare strain that's almost always fatal.

Kono is stunned, believing that smallpox has been eradicated but Danny tells her not to believe everything she reads on the Internet. Kono then wonders how he got it.

Danny states that he doesn't know and that CDC is trying to figure but in the meantime, the Governor wants Hawaii Five-0 to run a parallel investigation, quietly.

"Understood", Kono says.

As they wait around, Hawaii Five-0's Medical Examiner, Max Bergman emerges from the scene with Danny telling Max that the Hazmat suit is a good look for him. Max sarcastically thanks Danny while Chin wonders if Max got a chance to look at the victim.

Max states that he did before the CDC moved and incinerated the victim, causing Kono to wonder how they're supposed to do an investigation with a body.

Max tells her not to worry because he was able to obtain blood and tissue samples as well as pictures, gesturing to the camera he's holding.

An while later, and in Hawaii Five-0 HQ, the team along with Max are discussing the case. Kono tells them that the victim's name is Bryan Palmer, that he's thirty-six years old, that he was honorably discharged from the Army ten months ago after serving a couple of tours in Afghanistan and that Palmer's been collecting disability ever since.

Chin then states that if Palmer was Military, then he was probably vaccinated before wondering Palmer ended up with all those horrible boils and spots?

Max tells Chin that the vaccine Palmer got has probably worn off as it only works for three to four years. Danny then wonders how Palmer caught an extinct disease to begin with Max stating that smallpox is housed in a few facilities all over the world, the first being the CDC in the United States and the second being a place in Russia which leaves Danny stunned while Chin tells them that the CIA believes such places are in Russia, France, North Korea and Iran.

Danny then wonders if a terrorist could get their hands on it to start an epidemic. Kono then wonders if Palmer was exposed to it while serving in Afghanistan with Max stating, "No. Too much time has passed" and tells her that the symptoms begin within two weeks of exposure and Palmer has been state-side for nearly a year.

Danny tells them that they need to find when and where Palmer caught the smallpox with Max stating that he doesn't believe that Palmer was exposed in the traditional way. Kono wonders what Max means.

Max then states that smallpox is usually transmitted through contact with an infected person or an object such as clothing but in Palmer's case. He then stops before asking Kono if he could use the table.

She lets him do it and Max begins searching through the photos, eventually stopping at a photo of the victim's arm where there's a small mark in the center. Max then points to the mark, telling them that he believes that this is the injection site and that's how he believes Palmer contracted the virus.

"So you're saying smallpox was used as a murder weapon?", Danny says.

"Yes", Max agrees before stating that depending on how long the victim was in public, then in a few weeks..

"The entire island could be infected", Chin finishes.

As they struggle to digest that news, Chin, Kono and Danny look at each other, horrified.

It then cuts to photos of Palmer's smallpox-ridden body, eventually closing up on his face.

Act Two[]

The next morning, Danny and Chin arrive at the Hawaii Medical Center in Honolulu to talk to Vanessa Palmer who along with her two children have been quarantined. Vanessa tells Danny and Chin that the doctors don't believe that they've been infected but they want to keep them under observation just to be sure. She then breaks down, telling Danny and Chin that she should have helped her husband but Danny tells her that she 100% did the right thing in not opening the door and that she saved her own life as well as those of her children's.

Chin tells Vanessa that they're hoping she can help them build a timeline of where Bryan, her husband was the past few weeks. Vanessa tells them that Bryan moved out a couple of month ago and that they had been having a couple of problems since Bryan got back from Afghanistan.

Danny wants to know where Bryan was living with Vanessa stating that it was the Breakers Motel. She also tells them that Bryan was doing really well and that up until recently, she thought that they could work it out. Chin wants to know what caused Vanessa to change her mind.

Vanessa tells them that a few weeks ago, Bryan skipped family counselling and that he wouldn't return her phone calls which had Vanessa believing that Bryan had gone to his dark place.

When Danny ponders further, Vanessa tells them that Bryan starts drinking and holes himself up and that he doesn't talk to anyone for days and that it's pretty awful.

The talk is interrupted by a Nurse who tells Vanessa that she needs to draw some blood and that both Vanessa and her children should put their masks on. Vanessa agrees and as the Nurse heads into the room, Danny hopes that Vanessa's right about Bryan's dark place with Chin wondering why that is.

"Means he's locked up in a hotel room", Danny explains. "He's not out infecting the entire island".

Chin agrees, stating that he'll call the CDC and that they should go check out Palmer's hotel room.

"You wanna go check out a smallpox-infested room?", Danny wonders.

"Yeah", Chin replies.

As he leaves, Danny then sarcastically remarks that it sounds like a real hoot.

A while later, Danny and Chin arrive at the Breakers Hotel and as they head to Palmer's hotel room, Chin wants to know what Danny's doing with Grace. Danny tells him that thankfully and luckily, Grace is on the mainland with Rachel, Stan and the baby, visiting her grandparents before asking Chin about Dr. Malia Waincroft, Chin's wife.

Chin admits that he hasn't told Malia anything yet but Chin himself has been checking flights and that if this thing goes south, then Chin's getting Malia off the island.

Now wearing face masks and gloves, Chin and Danny begin examining Palmer's room while a CDC Officer begins assembling things together before leaving the room.

Chin remarks that the room doesn't look like a dark place of despair and Danny states that he doesn't see any alcohol of any kind before searching the fridge.

Chin then sees the six steps of recovery stapled to a mirror while Danny still going through the fridge before he eventually finds some vials. He then asks Chin if Max said that smallpox was used as a murder weapon.

"Yeah, why?", Chin wonders.

"Well, either, this guy killed himself in a really horrible way or I found a bunch of loaded guns", Danny explains.

Back at Hawaii Five-0 HQ, Kono tells Chin and Danny that it isn't smallpox with Danny wondering what the Hell it is. Kono tells him that according to CDC, the vials that were found in Palmer's hotel room contain an experimental form of anti-depressant that's being tested and is pending FDA approval.

Chin then believes that the mark on Palmer's arm could have come from the anti-depressant with Kono stating that when it gets weird because Max ran a toxic-screen and there were no traces of the drug in Palmer's system which means Palmer never took it.

"Which means that Max's smallpox injection theory still stands?!", Chin says, stunned.

Kono just shrugs.

Danny then tells them to hold on and that since Palmer got the drug, he had to have been part of a clinical trial before telling them that hopefully there's a connection between the drug trial and Palmer getting exposed to smallpox.

Kono then tells them that what she was thinking so she contacted the drug pharmaceutical companies and they've confirmed to her that they are conducting the trials but that the trials themselves are double blind which means that they don't know who to speak to.

Chin believes that someone has to have a name with Kono suggesting the local project manager, Ken Tanner. Danny then suggests that they go to speak to Tanner but Kono tells them that they've got to find him because she contacted the office where Tanner works and apparently, Tanner didn't show up for work.

Danny then asks Kono for a home address as Chin spots an incoming call from the HPD Crime Lab.

Kono brings the call online and it's Charlie Fong. Chin greets Fong by wondering if Fong has some good news for them with Fong stating that he can add it, telling them that he pinged the victim's cell phone and that they found the phone which also happens to be active and Fong's going to be sending them the coordinates.

Danny thanks Fong and as the conference calls ends, Danny then tells Kono to go track down Palmer's cell-phone while Danny and Chin are going to be paying a house call to Ken Tanner before asking Kono to send him the address.

With that, Danny and Chin leave the room.

A while later, Danny and Chin get to Ken Tanner's with Chin knocking on the door but unfortunately, there's no response whatsoever.

As they stand at the door, Danny points to a small mark or something on his arm with Chin remarking that it looks like a mosquito bite. Danny tells him that he isn't a doctor with Chin jokingly informing Danny that he's a hypochondriac.

Chin then leaves the door and heads for the garage as Danny joins him, wondering what the loud humming noise is. Chin realizes that it's an engine. Danny heads over to the window and takes a peek inside.

It then cuts to show Ken Tanner sitting in his car.

Danny then pulls away and tells Chin that Tanner's in there and to get the garage door open. As Chin opens the garage door, Danny edges forward, his gun drawn. The two then head into the garage, coughing at the smell inside.

Danny holsters his gun again and with that, both he and Chin drag Tanner's body out of the car, dumping it onto the ground outside the garage. Chin feels for a pulse but finds nothing, remarking that Tanner is cold.

"He's been dead for a while", Danny agrees.

Chin then tells Danny that they know why Tanner didn't show up because he had a guilty conscience over Palmer's death.

Danny then heads back into the garage to switch off the engine and once he does that, he spots a blood stain on the front, causing him to call Chin who joins him.

Chin takes a look at the blood and realizes that this might not have been a suicide after all.

A while later, Kono has arrived at a beach area and is searching for Bryan Palmer's cell-phone. She spends a while, looking around for it but after getting nowhere, decides to dial the victim's phone instead.

She soon hears it coming from a bin and heads over. As she puts her phone on the edge, she puts on her gloves and begins digging through the garbage, eventually producing a large plastic bag with the victim's phone inside as well as numerous items of clothing.

Kono then contacts Fong, telling him that she's found the victim's phone among some other things and that she'll need him to begin processing them right away.

Later, back at 5-0 HQ, Kono tells Chin that Fong is busy going through the bag of hazardous goodies before she asks Chin if he found anything at Tanner's place. Chin tells her that they didn't because whoever killed Tanner also took his computer and everything related to the trial.

As he says that, Kono produces her phone and smiles before putting it away again, causing Chin to realize that she's seeing someone.

Chin tries to get Kono to tell him who he is but Kono refuses although Chin tells her to remember who's going to be walking her down the aisle when the time comes.

Kono assures Chin that it'll be a very long wait before they head into the office where Danny tells them that Ken Tanner didn't kill himself. Chin wants to know how Danny knows with Danny explaining that Max did the autopsy and confirmed that cause of death was blunt force trauma to the back of the skull. As well as that, the crime scene techs got a hit of the prints on the keys and a suspect whose name is Dracul Comescu.

Chin wants to know who that is with Danny assuring them that Comescu isn't a vampire because Danny thought the same thing.

As it turns out, Comescu who's a Romanian national is on a watch-list, more specifically the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles.

Kono wants to know what Comescu's doing here but Danny admits that he doesn't know before telling them that he's going to find out and that they should give him a minute.

In Los Angeles, California, a Dodge Charger is driving through the street.

In the passenger seat is NCIS Special Agent G. Callen and behind the wheel is Callen's partner, fellow NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna and as they drive along the street, Sam answers the phone, demanding to know who the caller is.

Danny identifies himself and tells Sam that he knows a colleague and friend of his: Steve McGarrett.

In the car, Sam remarks that he knows McGarrett before wondering if McGarrett is too busy surfing to call Sam himself.

Back in his office, Danny tells Sam that McGarrett is on leave right before telling Sam that the reason he's calling is because it's a suspect of theirs who happens to be on the NCIS watch list before telling them that it's Dracul Comescu.

In the car, Callen snaps out of his relax haze and stares at Sam who looks equally stunned.

Callen then identifies himself too and states, "Are you telling me Comescu is in Hawaii?".

Danny then states that they found Comescu's prints at a murder scene before wondering if Callen's got a history with Comescu.

In the car, Callen states that he does and that it happens to be a very personal one.

Sam then explains that Comescu was part of a Romanian organized crime family and then tells Danny that he, Callen and some unnamed colleagues (most notably Special Agent Kensi Blye and NCIS/LAPD Liaison Officer, Detective Marty Deeks) ended the family business not too long ago.

Back in his office, Danny tells them that it looks like Comescu has a new hobby as it appears that he might have gotten his hands on some smallpox.

In the car, Sam and Callen are left stunned with Sam recovering quickly and stating that's why the Hawaii National Guard is plusing their WMD before telling Danny that the Air Force is sending a bird to Hawaii tonight.

Danny then tells Sam that technically, they should hitch a ride before asking Sam how he feels about pineapples.

In the car, Callen sits in his seat, stunned.

It then cuts to Sam who silently looks at Callen before informing Danny that they're on their way.

Act Three[]

In the HPD Crime Lab, Kono arrives in, asking Fong what he's found so far. Kong then tells her that he's found four different sizes of clothes in the bag, causing Kono to realize that there might be more victims out there.

Kono wants to know if Fong can identify them with Fong showing her a hair sample. He states that they're running them through the database and that he'll let her know if he gets a match.

With that, Kono thanks him and leaves.

A few hours later, Danny arrives at the Joint Base Pearl Harbour-Hickam Air Base just as the United States Air Force plane carrying Callen and Sam lands.

Danny gets to the ramp of the plane and meets Callen and Sam as they're getting off.

After exchanging greetings, Sam wonders if Steve's trying to skip out on the steak dinner that Steve apparently owns Sam.

Danny then states that it would explain a lot before telling them to come on.


Danny briefing Callen and Sam on the case.

Callen wants to know how bad it is and as they head for the car, Danny tells them that the good news is no other cases of smallpox have come up but the bad news is that the CDC isn't having any luck with Comescu given that he disappeared a week ago and that they've got no idea where he went.

"Which means we don't know who else he infected", Callen states.

"That's exactly what it means", Danny agrees.

Sam tells Danny that they (the NCIS Office of Special Project) picked up the latest chatter on Comescu and apparently, Comescu spent the last three months in Siberia with Danny wondering if Comescu's buying smallpox with Callen stating that it would be a good theory except for the fact that Comescu is not an idealog because Comescu's main agenda is making money, not terrorism and that NCIS are believing that Comescu's found a buyer looking for a biological weapon.

"Hold on", Danny says. "You're telling me this guy is willing to risk a worldwide epidemic just to make some cash?".

"Without even blinking", Callen replies.

Danny then wonders about the personal beef Callen has with Comescu with Callen telling Danny that Comescu killed Callen's entire family. Danny asks him to repeat it again with Callen stating that it's a blood feud.

Danny then states that happens.

Sam then decides to change the subject by remarking that Danny's Camero is a nice ride which Danny thanks him for before Sam asks Danny what the car's name. Danny tells him that the car's name is simply car.

Sam tells Danny that he's gonna find a name for the car before telling Callen that he's riding shotgun, i.e., sitting in the passenger seat alongside Danny.

A while later, once they're back at 5-0 HQ, Danny introduces Sam and Callen to Kono and Chin.


As Danny makes the introductions, Kono and Chin greet and shake hands with NCIS Special Agents G. Callen and Sam Hanna.

Once they've exchanged greetings, Chin tells Sam that Steve speaks very highly of Sam with Sam stating that he's sorry that Steve's missing the party. Danny then gets them back on asking Kono what's good.

She tells them that one of their techs managed to ID Palmer's DNA sample before showing them the photos of the three other men who were involved in the trial: Paul Scully, Terence Hill and Luis Salazar.

Kono also remarks that they can't find any of them. As she says that, Chin's phone rings and he tells them that he has to take this before leaving.

As Chin leaves, Kono continues to update Callen and Sam, stating that HPD searched the victims's homes and what did they find in every medicine cabinet? Callen looks confused with Danny stating that it's experimental anti-depressants.

Kono agrees, stating that they were all on the cyclotriptine clinical trial but that wasn't the only thing they had in common. She also reveals that they were all either single or divorced with no family on the island and they were also on disability which meant that they had no jobs to go to.

Callen then states that this makes them ideal victims because if they go missing, no-one's looking for them while Sam is wondering if the whole drug-trial thing is a sham. Kono states that she contacted the pharmaceutical company who told her that the trial's legit.

"Okay", Sam agrees.

Danny then realizes that maybe the trial is how he got to these guys. When Kono wants to know Danny means, Danny tells her that Ken Tanner has a list of people willing to undergo a drug experiment and that Tanner has their vital information with Callen picking up on the theory, stating that Comescu bribed Tanner to get names of people who wouldn't be missed.

Danny silently nods.

Sam then picks up, stating that the victims are being used as guinea pigs and that they think they're getting antidepressants but they're really being shot up with smallpox.

Danny then states that he guaranteed them that Comescu didn't plan on having Bryan Palmer escape because Palmer escaping exposes the entire experiment.

As Callen listens, interested, Danny mentions that Comescu has to cover his tracks by killing Ken Tanner.

Callen then states that Scully, Hill and Salazar could still be alive with Danny agreeing and telling them that the only way they can help those them is if they find out where the experiment is going down so..

Chin then returns, announcing that he can help with that which has everyone stunned. As he joins them, Chin explains that he had Ken Tanner's financials run and as it turns out, Tanner was in real trouble due to the fact that he was underwater on his mortgage and maxed out on his credit cards but then two months, Tanner got a wire transfer in the amount of $500,000 from a company called CF&Q Limited.

"That's a Comescu holdings corporation", Callen explains.

Chin then states that Tanner kept half the money and with the other half, he brought hospital supplies, the supplies being hospital beds, laboratory equipment and also a sophisticated air-filtration system and that all it was delivered to a warehouse on Sand Island.

"You know what they used to call Sand Island?", Kono asks.

"What's that?", Sam wonders.

"Quarantine Island", Kono replies.

Sam then remarks that it sounds like a great place to start an epidemic.

A while later, Danny and Sam in the Camaro along with Chin and Callen in the SUV are heading to Sand Island.


Callen, Danny, Chin and Sam after arriving at the warehouse.

They eventually arrive at the warehouse with the four getting out of their respective cars and it's shown that while Danny and Chin are wearing their H-50 tac vests, Callen and Sam are wearing body-armor vests with "NCIS" on it.

Wielding his gun, Sam spots the cameras on the warehouse and tells the others that they probably already know that the others are there. As he strolls across the area, his own gun drawn, Danny then remarks,"Let's not make them wait, huh?".

The four then walk to the warehouse, taking it in separate turns to go ahead. As Sam and Callen cover each other, Danny urges Chin to go ahead. Once Sam has reached a spot, he silently nods at Callen who approaches the warehouse.

Suddenly, the sound of screeching tires catches everyone's attention and instantly, a dark SUV sweeps through the warehouse, causing everyone to duck for cover. Sam manages to avoid getting hit by throwing himself over another abandoned car.

Callen who's recovered spots Dracul Comescu in the car and alerts the others. As the SUV flees, Danny and Chin fire a few shots at it with Callen urging everyone to move while Danny says, "Go, go, go!".

Holstering their guns, Danny and Chin head to their respective cars and with everyone inside, both cars set off, eventually driving past a small area with Comescu's SUV barreling past them while Danny's Camaro and Chin's own SUV are hot on the SUV's tail.

As Danny and Sam remain glued to Comescu's SUV, Chin drives on, informing them that he and Callen will go around and cut the other SUV off. The chase eventually leads Danny and Sam to a small warehouse where as the other SUV drives past a series of abandoned areas, Danny brings the Camaro through a wide, open area.

In the car, Sam tells Danny to get front of him with Danny sarcastically snapping, "I'm trying to".

With the passenger window soon lowered, Sam tells Danny to hold it steady before firing off a few shots at the other SUV. Danny isn't impressed, remarking that Sam shoots like Ray Charles and tells them to come on.

Ahead of them there's a Dumpster which Sam tells Danny to watch for with Danny sarcastically thanking Sam for pointing that because Danny sees the Dumpster too. A simple sweep of the wheel has the Camaro dodging the Dumpster and continuing on.

Back in the car, Sam tells Danny that he might want to work on his driving position and that his wrists are in the wrong place. Danny isn't too impressed, angrily stating, "My wrists. What is it with Navy SEALs and backseat driving?".

Their chase eventually comes to an end with the revelation that there's a car blocking them from getting any further with Sam yelling at Danny to watch out for the car while Danny snaps that he sees the car and he hits the brakes, causing the Camaro to stop altogether.

As the other SUV drives along, back in the Camaro, Sam tells Danny that he might want to turn around, causing Danny to say, "You think so, doctor?". Sam states that he does think so.

Grabbing the gear stick, Danny puts the Camaro into reverse and as they reserve back, Sam mutters, "I ask him to turn around, he goes into reverse". But the reversing works and sure enough, the Camaro's back out where it began.

As the Camaro continues driving along, Danny tells Chin that he and Sam got jammed up- trapped in a confined space before asking Chin if he and Callen see the SUV. As they head along in the SUV, Chin remarks that they don't.

Just as that happens, the Comescu SUV emerges with Callen telling that the SUV is there, under that bridge. Chin grimly remarks that they can't let him get on the main island and seconds later, the two SUVs are neck and neck.

In the SUV, Chin yells Danny to cut the Comescu SUV off.

On the other side of the area, the Camaro with Danny and Sam has arrived. With Sam holding on, Danny tells Chin that they've got him and that they're good before hitting the brakes, bringing the Camaro to a stop and preventing the other SUV from getting past.

The other SUV stops it too late and slams into a digger. It then heads down an embankment, rolling and flipping over a few times before coming to a complete stop with the horn still blaring.

Up on the hill, Sam, Callen, Chin and Danny hop out of the two cars, their guns drawn and as soon as they reach the SUV, Callen checks the vehicle with the others keeping an eye on it just in case anything bad happens.

Danny wants to know if Comescu's in there but Callen tells him that it's just the driver and as Callen looks inside and spots the injured driver, he remarks that Comescu must have jumped out at the warehouse.

A while later, Danny, Chin, Callen and Sam are entering the warehouse via the big hole that the Comescu SUV left and as they head inside, they get a shock when they see a big room in the center of the warehouse.

"What the Hell is it?", Danny wonders, stunned.

"Looks like a quarantine station", Chin replies.

With their weapons holstered, Danny and Chin are busy staring at the area, stunned while Callen and Sam are getting to explore the station with Chin joining them. Danny is left stunned as Callen, Sam and Chin head inside.

Danny's thought that they should call someone goes unnoticed and he eventually decides to bite the bullet and join them but not before blessing himself. With everyone now inside, they begin exploring the station.

Callen then heads into a room where he sees a patient and one of the missing men. He then notices the welts and boils on the man's right arm and moves on while Sam comes up and takes the scene in, obviously horrified and stunned.

It closes up on one of the patients, revealing that in addition to having welts all over his entire body and face, there's a single gunshot wound in the center of his forehead along with blood all over the man's hospital scrubs and pillow and Callen's gaze focuses on the monitor which is flat-lining, confirming that the man is dead.

Outside, Callen looks stunned and sees another man who has suffered the same fate. As it shows a monitor of the three dead man, Sam realizes that these three guys are the men they were looking for: Luis Salazar, Terence Hill and Paul Scully and that they were given smallpox too.

"It wasn't smallpox that killed them", Callen remarks. "Comescu executed them".

With that, he looks at Sam who looks stunned while Chin and Danny are left horrified.

It then cuts to Callen who nods before turning back to glance at the bodies again.

Act Four[]

The warehouse is now being dismantled and processed as various members of the HPD, CDC and even the FBI begin examining the area for themselves.

While the dead men are being taken away, Max emerges to tell Chin and Danny that they found smallpox samples but not all of them because apparently several vials are missing.

Chin then remarks that there was nothing in Comescu's vehicle and that Comescu must have taken the vials with him. Max then tells them that this is quite a sophisticated set-up because of the negative pressurization system, top-of-the-line equipment.

Danny believes that there's no way a Romanian thug did this by himself with Max agreeing or rather stating that he concurs before telling them that someone with very specialized scientific knowledge is involved.

Chin wonders about video cameras and maybe they've got a picture. Max states that the CDC found footage and evidently, the suspect used it to document the progression of the disease.

At Chin's nod, Danny tells them that they'll have Kono go over to CDC and maybe Frankenstein got caught on tape before asking Max if he should be wearing a mask with Max stating, "Technically, yes".

Danny then states that he's leaving and he walks off with Chin patting Max on the shoulder and thanking him before heading off to join Danny. As Chin catches up to Danny, he's told that both Sam and Callen are looking for potential smallpox viruses and that the TSA is checking incoming flights.

Danny then announces that he and Chin are going to the hospital, to see if Comescu's driver is feeling chatty. Chin tells Danny that the driver isn't going to tell them anything with Danny agreeing before stating that they're going to use a page out of the McGarrett playbook.

"What do you mean by that?", Chin wonders.

"Take the playbook and set it on fire", Danny replies.

"All right", Chin agrees and with that, the two set off for the hospital.

Meanwhile, Kono is at the CDC Headquarters, watching the video where a man is stating that Patient Beta developed flu-like symptoms 20 hours ago with the temperature being 38.5 degrees and that eight hours later, a rash emerged on the tongue and in the mouth. The man then concludes by stating that he expects the pustular rash period to begin within the next 10 to 12 hours.

Dr. Simone Dusek stops the tape, remarking that it's astonishing and then states that if she's understanding this correctly, they've significantly reduced the incubation and prodrome periods.

"Meaning what?", Kono wonders.

Duesk tells her that with hemorrhagic smallpox, the time between exposure and death is typically 14 to 28 days but this new strain has reduced it to just three days. Kono wonders what kind of impact that would have on an outbreak.

"Monumental", Dusek explains. "The disease would spread faster and more efficiently than we could mobilize the vaccine".

Kono then asks Dusek about the male narrator and she wonders if he ever appeared on camera. Dusek admits that they've gone through everything and the man only narrates, never shows up on screen before admitting that there's something about him.

Kono wonders what that is.

Dusek admits that she feels like she knows that voice and that he sounds familiar to her but she can't place him. Nodding, Kono then remarks that maybe it's not the first video he's made.

Meanwhile, Danny and Chin have arrived at Kuakini Health Center in downtown Honolulu. Danny tells the HPD guard to go grab a cup of coffee which the guard does.

As they head inside, Danny tells Chin that that the driver's name is Marku before telling Maruk that he doesn't look so bad after all that with Chin stating that the doctor believes that Maruk only has a couple of fractures and a minor concussion and while he cuffs Maruk, Chin states that Maruk will be out of the hospital in no time and apparently, the Hawaiians calls that Pomaika`i which means "good luck".

As Chin walks away, Danny remarks, "Yeah but you know what they say about luck".

Marku tells Danny that he isn't afraid of him with Danny stating that Marku shouldn't be afraid of him because Danny's a very nice guy before stating that what he has in his hands is what Marku should be afraid of.

Marku wants to know what that is but Danny tells him that he has no idea what it is before remarking that they found it in the lab and that they're going to test it. Chin remarks that he likes that and that it's very scientific.

Marku laughs, stating that they're American police officers and that they can't do anything to him.

Danny remarks that he isn't going to tell anyone before asking Chin if he's going to tell anyone with Chin replying, "Not me". Danny then remarks that it's settled before asking Marku where Comescu is.

"Screw you", Marku snaps.

Danny then presses down and the orange liquid then begins to fall into Marku's IV line. Chin remarks to Marku that he's so hostile before cuffing Marku's right hand to the railing of his hospital bed.

Marku tells them to wait before demanding that they take it out and he gets all edgy with Danny telling Marku that he stopped it and that he's going to take it out but only if Marku tells them where Comescu is.

Mark remarks that he doesn't where Comescu is, he swears. Danny isn't convinced, stating, "Back in the building". As this happens, Chin asks Marku how much of the virus Comescu took.

Marku tells them that Comescu took nine vials before demanding that they take it out. Danny stops it before asking Marku who Comescu is planning on selling the vials to. Marku then remarks that the only thing he knows is that the buy is going down today and that it's at two o'clock at the International Market Place before realizing that something's wrong.

"What?", Danny wonders.

Marku states that when Comescu got there to pick up the product, everyone was dead and he reveals that the dead men who had been shot in the head were the three men whose bodies Chin, Danny, Sam and Callen saw in the warehouse.

"And you expect us to believe that you didn't kill those men?", Chin asks.

As Danny begins working again, Marku states that it wasn't him or Comescu before stating that the doctor was gone. Chin wonders what the doctor before asking for a name but Marku tells them that he doesn't know and he begs Danny to take the thing out.

"I can't", Danny says.

Unsurprisingly, Marku freaks out but Danny calms him down by stating that the supposed poison isn't poison after all. It's vitamin B-12, a vitamin that aids in healing before telling Marku that he'll be fine.

"Aloha", Chin replies before leaving the room with Danny following him.

It then cuts to Marku who in his bed is struggling to come to terms with what's just happened.


Sam and Danny at the International Market Place.

A few hours later, Danny and Sam are in an area overlooking the International Market Place. While Danny looks out at the crowds, Sam while looking at his phone remarks that the buyers are Chechen rebels who are from the Ingushetia regiment and that their office (OSP) is sending pictures.

As he joins Danny, Sam remarks that the rebels blew up a bus stop in Moscow last year. As they glance out at the crowd, Danny sarcastically wonders what would make this perfect: if there was more people which there are in the Market Place right now. He then remarks that if they're going to have a biological disaster of some sort, why don't they go big?

Sam, on the other hand has a bone to pick with the clothes that Danny's wearing, wondering why Danny dresses like that because he's in Hawaii. Danny tells Sam that it's his style but Sam states, "It's not a style. It's a bad habit" before patting Danny on the back.

Sam then asks Callen how it's looking.

A few metres away, Callen and Chin are hiding behind some trees with Callen reporting that there's no sign of Comescu yet. Callen then remarks that he should have been the one questioning Comescu's driver but Chin admits that even Sam thought that was a bad idea.

At that, Chin's phone beeps and he tells Callen that they've got the photos of the rebels who are Deni Islamov and Sergei Aminev. Chin then asks Kono what the bird's eye view is.

Up on a hotel balcony, Kono who's manning her sniper rifle tells Chin that she hasn't got anything before telling everyone to hold because here they go. She then states that the Chechens are near Aina Alley, northwest corner of the market before telling Danny that he and Sam are the closest and that they should be coming towards them right about now.

At his first glimpse of the rebels, Danny tells Sam to go and with that, both men head off to intercept the rebels. Kono then tells everyone to hold on before reporting that she's spotted Comescu who's over by the jewelry vendors.

"I got him", Callen announces before heading off with Chin following him.

As Comescu walks past, Callen and Chin catch up to him while maintaining a safe distance so as to not spook the Romanian. Chin notes that Comescu isn't carrying anything before wondering where the smallpox vials are.

"Did the buy already happen?", Callen asks.

Up on the stairway, Sam remarks that if the buy did happen, then there's a chance that the vials are in the bag that one of the rebels is carrying. Danny springs into action, informing that Sam that they've got to take the rebels out right now.

Sam then walks up to one of the rebels, asking them how they're doing before slamming him into a post while Danny grabs the one before telling him to walk at gunpoint. Sam remarks to the rebel that he's holding that the man has to lay off the Mai Tais- (an alcoholic cocktail based on rum, Curaçao liqueur, and lime juice, associated with Polynesian-style settings).

While Danny cuffs one to the seat, Sam guides the other one to the same seat and quickly ejects the magazine/rounds from the man's gun before drawing his SIG-Sauer and advising the two men not to move while Danny examines the bag.

Meanwhile, Callen and Chin are still shadowing Comescu.

Danny then opens the bag and discovers that there's about $10,000 dollars inside. He then presses a finger to the headset in his ear, informing the group that the Chechens are in custody with Sam still holding the men at gunpoint adding that the cash is still with them and that the buy hasn't happened yet which means that it's still in play.

Back at the main area and hiding behind some bushes, Chin and Callen see Comescu talking to a tall man who Callen recognizes as being Comescu's bodyguard. As the bodyguard gives Comescu a case, Callen remarks that the vials must be in the case.

Almost instantly, Comescu turns around and spots Callen.

Realizing that they've been blown, Callen tells Chin that the two Romanians are getting spooked and that they've got to move on this. As Callen and Chin draw their guns, Callen tells Sam and Danny that they're moving in and as they approach, Callen shouts at Comescu to hold it right there.

But Comescu instead responds by drawing a fully-converted Glock 17 and firing it into the air. This has everyone screaming and ducking for cover while scattering. Callen and Chin are caught in the mess while back at the area, having noticed what's going on, Danny calls Chin's name, wondering what's going on.

Chin states that Comescu's running which has Sam and Danny heading to the main area.

Back in the main area, Callen tells everyone to clear the area and as he edges closer, he tries to get a glimpse, a possible sign of Comescu but there isn't any.

It then cuts to Callen and Chin who are looking around while the Market continues to descend into chaos.

Act Five[]

As people continue fleeing the Market Place, Callen is strangely oblivious to everything right now.

It then snaps back to sound where Chin asks Kono if she has eyes on them. Up on the hotel room area, Kono tells Chin to stand off before stating that she's found the bodyguard who's near the food vendors. She then remarks that she doesn't see Comescu and she believes they split up.

Callen looks again and spots Comescu fleeing the scene with Chin telling him to go. As Callen runs after Comescu, Kono's voice is heard telling Chin, "Behind you!". It then cuts to show that in addition to emerging from his hiding place, the bodyguard has also taken a young woman hostage.

Chin tells the bodyguard to freeze before identifying himself as Five-0. He then tells the bodyguard to let her go with the bodyguard ordering Chin to drop his weapon or the young woman he's holding hostage will die.

"Let her go!", Chin yells again before eventually telling the bodyguard that he's dropping his weapon. He does that but then, a single gunshot emerges, striking the bodyguard in the back of the head and killing him instantly.

Up on the rooftop, Kono looks up from her sniper rifle, revealing that she was the one who fired the shot. Chin tells Kono that it was a nice shot. As the young woman scurries away, Chin examines the bodyguard before removing a gun from the dead man's body. He then reports that there's no sign of the briefcase and that Comescu must have it.

In the lower areas of the Market Place, Comescu is trying to flee with Callen hot on Comescu's tail. While Comescu heads down an alleyway, Callen, upon realizing something instantly changes direction, going the other way and sure enough, the two enemies eventually meet in an empty alley.

Callen tells Comescu to freeze and that it's over before telling the other man to set down the case. Comescu then remarks, "Well, well, Agent Callen. You come all this way to see me? I'm honored".

"Don't flatter yourself", Callen snarls. "I came for the weather" before telling Comescu that if he wants to get off this island alive, then he should set down the case and step away but Comescu rounds on Callen, angrily stating that the NCIS Agent destroyed his life.

"Right back at you", Callen snaps bitterly.

Comescu eventually relents and sets the bag down on a seat before reaching for something. As Callen tells him to keep his hands where he can see something, Comescu either yells, "Come on and do it!" or something in Romanian and the second he draws the vial, Callen fires off two shots, each one aimed at Comescu's chest.

Seconds later, Comescu hits the ground, dead.

Callen then cautiously approaches Comescu and turns his body over to reveal that Comescu is already bleeding from the fatal chest wounds. Callen then removes the viral from Comescu's hand and examines the small bottle before studying his enemy.

Holstering his gun, Callen then opens the box and discovers that the other vials of smallpox are there too. As he does that, Sam, flanked by Chin and Danny arrive in. Sam then asks Callen if he's alright.

"We just recovered every missing vial of smallpox so yeah, I'm good", Callen replies.

"I wasn't talking about the smallpox", Sam quietly states.

"I know", Callen agrees.

As Danny heads off, Sam removes a gun from Comescu's shoulder holster while Callen, eventually overwhelmed sits down on the bench to take a moment to think about what has happened while he continues staring at Comescu's lifeless body.

A few hours later, the two teams are busy having a celebratory dinner at Kamekona's Shrimp Truck with Kamekona Tupuola offering them the first seafood course, followed by the second seafood course before telling them to save some room for desert.

Callen tells Kamekona that he's gotta stop because Callen feels like he's going to burst but Kamekona tells him that it's positive thinking and that he can do it. Producing a shirt, Sam thanks Kamekona for the shrimp truck swag with Callen telling Sam that he might have to give his t-shirt to Hetty because the t-shirt's looking a little small.

Kamekona wonders how much Sam lifts with Sam replying, "Much as you need me to" with Kamekona stating that he'll still be able to kick Sam's ass while Sam replies that he has no doubt about that.

Amused, Callen takes another sip of his beer.

This has everyone laughing and as Kamekona leaves, Callen looks out at the sight around him, remarking that he can see the attraction of living here. Danny remarks that it kind grows on you.

"That's the nicest thing Danny's ever said about this place", Chin announces.

But of course, Danny changes tune by stating that he didn't mean it. Sam then remarks that he's got it before stating, "Winifred". Danny wonders what "Winifred" is with Sam explaining that it's the name of Danny's car.

It then cuts to show Danny's car, the Camaro parked a few meters away from the beach while Danny is heard repeating that Sam wants to call his car, "Winifred". Danny isn't too thrilled, stating that the name's terrible but Callen admits that he likes it because it sounds classy.

Danny argues against the name, stating that "Winifred" sounds like someone's grandmother and that the name should be something nice, something simple like "Misty" but Chin shoots it down, stating that Misty sounds like a stripper's name.

"I'm okay with that", Danny admits while Callen sips his beer, laughing. Sam then states that the car will be called Winifred, Winnie for short before telling Danny that he's welcome but as Danny gets ready to answer his phone, he remarks the name is horrible.

Danny then answers his phone, wondering what's up and if Kono's on her way.

Back at H50 HQ, Kono then informs Danny that she just got off the phone with Dr. Duesek from the CDC and she has bad news: the vials that they got from Comescu didn't contain smallpox.

Danny's stunned by the news before asking Kono what she's talking about. Kono explains that the vials actually contain saline and that the smallpox virus is still out there. Danny then states that Comescu must have thought that it was smallpox and that he was ready to break the thing open in public in hopes of exposing Callen.

As he says those words, Callen and Sam look at Danny upon realizing that something's wrong. Danny then states that someone must have switched the vials with Kono stating that she thinks she knows who did it, the doctor who was running the experiment.

Danny tells her not to move before hanging up and informing the others that they've got to go.

With that, everyone leaves.

A few minutes later, the Camaro and Chin's SUV pull out onto a street. In the Camaro, Danny's driving with Chin in the passenger seat while in Chin's SVU, Sam is behind the wheel with Callen in the passenger seat.

In the Camaro, with everyone now on conference call, Kono tells the group that the doctor's name is Jarrod Prodeman and that Prodeman is a formerly highly respected epidemiologist.

As Danny and Chin listen, Kono also tells them that she was able to match Prodeman's voice from the experiment video to some old lectures posted online. Chin wants to know why Prodeman is formerly respected.

Kono explains that evidently, Prodeman was disgraced after faking some data to obtain a research grant and as such, he hasn't been able to work since. Danny is in disbelief at the fact that someone like Prodeman has decided to start making biological weapons.

Chin then puts the pieces together: Comescu got the smallpox in Russia, gave it to Prodeman to modify but Prodeman double-crossed Comescu, keeping the smallpox for himself. Kono wants to know why Prodeman would double-cross the guy he's working for.

Danny believes that Prodeman might have found another buyer.

Suddenly, the computer beeps and Kono tells them to hold on. She then tells the guys not to come to HQ because TSA has Prodeman booked on a flight for Los Angeles which is scheduled to depart in fifteen minutes.

Danny tells Kono to send a picture of Prodeman to TSA and to tell them to ground that plane but that TSA are not to move on Prodeman until NCIS and H50 get there. Kono begins typing.

It then cuts to an overshot of the Camaro as Danny guns it as the two teams head for their new location: Honolulu International Airport. At the airport, the LA flight has been grounded and all the passengers are waiting in the main area.

As Danny, Chin, Sam and Callen, they meet Myers who tells them that they've grounded the flight for maintenance before telling them that the passengers are waiting here. Myers also states that the guy they're looking for checked in several hours ago but they haven't been able to locate him.

As they reach the area, Danny produces his phone and studies a photo of Prodeman. Callen remarks that he doesn't see Prodeman but Danny tells them that they'll make Prodeman come to them.

Danny then reaches the flight desk and talks to the young woman, Marcy before telling her that he needs her to page one of her passengers and offer him a first-class seat before wondering if she would do that, please?

Marcy agrees to do that with Danny telling that the guy's name is Jarrod Prodeman. Marcy then picks up the mic and states, "Attention in the gate area. Will passenger Jarrod Prodeman please come to the desk regarding a seat upgrade?".

Eventually, a young man gets up and approaches the desk with Danny studying the photo and realizing that it's not Prodeman before he voices his thought to the others who look equally grim-faced.

"Prodeman" approaches the desk while Chin and Danny scout over to meet the imposter with Danny stating that they've got his upgrade over this way. In the hall, Sam identifies himself as an NCIS Special Agent before demanding to know who the guy is.

"What, you gotta think of your answer?", Callen snaps.

Chin then reveals that the guy's real name is Benjamin Gallagher.

Caught, Gallagher remarks that he knew that this was a bad idea. Danny then sarcastically remarks that traveling under a false identity is a fantastic idea.

Sam asks where Prodeman is with Gallagher stating that he doesn't know while Callen snaps that since Gallagher's got Prodeman's ticket, is Prodeman a buddy of Gallagher's? Gallagher states that he'd never met the guy before but Prodeman came up to Gallagher at the gate and asked him to switch flights.

"Right and I'm sure you did it just out of the kindness of your heart", Chin sarcastically replies.

Gallagher admits that there's that and the fact that Prodeman gave him 500 dollars due to the fact that Prodeman had some sob story about his girlfriend being on an earlier flight and that she was scared to fly without him.

"He was traveling with a woman?", Danny realizes.

Gallagher then tells them that the game was on at the bar and he figured that he could do the guy a solid and make a little money. Callen then demands to know what flight the real Prodeman is on.

Gallagher then reveals that it's Flight 792.

Almost instantly, Sam's on the phone to NCIS: Office of Special Projects Tech Operator, Eric Beale, telling him that Sam needs the OSP Operations Manager, Henrietta Lange to send a team to LAX right now and the flight is Hanalei Air, Flight 792 and that the passenger is a man flying under the name, "Benjamin Gallagher".

After hearing something, Sam tells Eric that he'll call him back before hanging up. Danny's the first, wondering what's up. Sam tells them that they've got a problem with Chin wondering what it is.

Sam then grimly states that the flight landed in Los Angeles five minutes ago.

As Callen looks at Sam, horrified, Danny then states that the suspect they're looking for is now on the mainland with nine vials of smallpox. It then cuts to Callen and Chin before focusing on Danny who looks stunned at the news.

With that, the screen goes black while seconds later, "To Be Continued on NCIS: Los Angeles" appear on the screen.


  • Danny still has a key to Steve's house from when he was staying there.
  • It's revealed that Steve McGarrett is still in Japan, searching for leads in regards to his father's murder.
  • With Steve still out of the country, Danny is the temporary leader of the team. This is proven by the Governor calling Danny about their next case.
  • NCIS Special Agents Special Agent G. Callen and Special Agent Sam Hanna are introduced for the first time.
  • Steve knows Sam from their SEAL days, speaks highly of Sam according to Chin and still owes Sam a steak dinner according to Sam.
  • Sam names Danny's Camaro "Winifred" (Winnie for short) which is classy according to Callen. Danny responds with calling it something nice, simple like "Misty". Chin shoots that down saying that "Misty" is a stripper name.


(Kono's cellphone rings)
(Kono looks at her cellphone and gets a small smile on her face)
(Chin notices the smile)
Chin Ho Kelly: Who was that?
Kono Kalakaua: Um.. nothing.
(Kono puts on her serious face.)
Kono Kalakaua: I.. Someone I can talk to later.
Chin Ho Kelly: (smiling) That someone have a name?
Kono Kalakaua: (bit defensively) What? I can't have a private life?
Chin Ho Kelly: (teasing / smiling / singsong) Ohhh - Is it a boy? Is he cute?
Kono Kalakaua: (provoked / smiling) Ok - leave me alone.

Danny Williams: What about you.. I hear you got a personal beef with him.
G. Callen: Comescus tried to kill my entire family.
Danny Williams: Say again?!
G. Callen: (deadpan) Blood feud.
Danny Williams: Ah. (straight faced) Well that ah.. that happens.

Sam Hanna: Get in front of 'em.
Danny Williams: Trying to.
Sam Hanna: Hold it steady.
(Sam fires 4 shots at the escaping vehicle and misses.)
Sam Hanna: Ahhh!
Danny Williams: Hold it steady?! You shoot like Ray Charles. Come on.

G. Callen: Well, I can see the attraction of living here.
Danny Williams: Yeah, it kinda grows on you.
Chin Ho Kelly: Oh, that is the nicest thing Danny has ever said about this place.
Danny Williams: (quickly) I didn't mean it.


  • This is the only episode Alex O'Loughlin does not appear in the entire series. He was in rehab receiving supervised treatment for prescription pain medication due to a recent shoulder injury.
  • Both Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J are credited as Special Guest Stars.
  • The storyline begun in this episode would later conclude in the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 episode, Touch of Death (episode).
  • At the airport, when the United States Air Force plane carrying Callen and Sam arrives in the airfield, Danny parks his Camaro so that it looks like he's right at the back of the plane, ready to greet Callen and Sam when they dismount. However, in the next shot, as the three men leave the plane and begin talking about the case, it's shown that Danny's Camaro is a good few feet further away than what was shown in the first shot.
  • The song playing after Callen has killed Comescu and over the few scenes before it shows Callen, Sam, Chin and Danny sitting at a table while eating Konokama's food is Ziggy Marley- Pass It On.
  • This episode also wraps up the NCIS: Los Angeles storyline of the long-raging family feud between the families of Dracul Comescu and G. Callen and also concludes events that began in the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 Finale "Familia" that leaded into Season 3 premiere episode, "Lange, H", though this story continues in the 100th episode of NCIS Los Angeles during Season 5 called "Reznikov, N".
  • When this episode aired in the Republic of Ireland on October 3rd 2013 on RTE Two, after Danny realizes that their suspect is on the mainland with nine viral's of smallpox, the screen goes black and goes to the "Executive Producers" instead as for some reason, RTE removed the title card, "To Be Continued on NCIS: Los Angeles" which is presumably due to the fact that RTE which is also the national broadcaster for the Republic of Ireland only has the rights to air Hawaii Five-0 and not NCIS: Los Angeles.
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