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The first season of Hawaii Five-0 premiered on September 20, 2010 on CBS and concluded on May 16, 2011. The season consisted of 24 episodes.


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Five-0 is back- hotter than ever! Catch the wave of the re-imagined hit drama in its sizzling, landmark first season! Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) leads an elite crime-fighting force, cracking the island's toughest cases while also tracking down the elusive killers of his legendary father. Joining the intensely driven McGarrett are by-the-book Detective Danny "Danno" Williams (Scott Caan), former protege of McGarrett's father, Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and ex-pro surfer now rookie cop-with-attitude Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park). Throughout all 24 explosive episodes, every day is trouble in paradise for Hawaii's most elite law enforcement unit.


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Title Written by Directed by Original air date Production code
Pilot Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (Story)
Peter M. Lenkov (Story/Teleplay)
Len Wiseman September 20th 2010 101
Series Premiere. After his estranged father is murdered, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett returns to his native Hawaii to find the man responsible and in doing so, finds himself heading a new Task Force composed of himself, a former cop from New Jersey, a former cop Steve's father trained and a new rookie police officer which is dedicated to cleaning up the corrupt, crime-ridden streets of Hawaii.
Ohana Sarah Goldfinger & Paul Zbyszewski Brad Turner September 27th 2010 102
The team are assigned to find a former cyber terrorism expert who was kidnapped by gunmen, only to discover that all is not what it seems.
Malama Ka Aina Carol Barbee & Kyle Harimoto Paul Edwards October 4th 2010 103
Malama Ka Aina
Following a gunfight between two rival gangs at a high school football game, the team investigate and discover that it's connected to a gangster, one who Danny knows all too well from his days as a cop in New Jersey. Danny battles his ex-wife who is demanding custody of their daughter who was at the game when the shootout erupted.
Lanakila Peter M. Lenkov & Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Alex Zakrzewski October 11th 2010 104
The newly named Hawaii Five-0 Task Force are given the assignment of finding and capturing a highly dangerous prisoner who escaped from a local prison during a riot while Steve's sister arrives in from the mainland.
Nalowale J. R. Orci & David Wolkove Brad Turner October 18th 2010 105
When a teenage girl is found dead, the H50 team jump into action to find the girl's killer but things take a turn when it's revealed that the dead girl and her sister who is also missing are daughters of the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines and as such, personal friends with the Governor.
Ko'olauloa Carol Barbee & Kyle Harimoto Matt Earl Beesley October 25th 2010 106
When the CEO of a company is gunned down during a surfing competition, the H50 team investigate while Kono revisits her past.
Ho'apono Peter M. Lenkov & Jim Galasso James Whitmore Jr. November 1st 2010 107
When a hostage situation on the U.S.S. Missouri, the H50 team must find out the cause and why it's happening while Steve sneaks on board the ship in the hope of defusing the situation without any blood being spilled.
Mana'o Paul Zbyszewski & Jim Galasso Matt Earl Beesley November 8th 2010 108
Mana'o 11
Danny is shocked and stunned to learn that his former HPD partner is dead, having been murdered. As such, Danny sets out to find the killer but finds that he may have to act alone after Steve, Chin and Kono express doubts while also voicing their belief that Danny's former HPD partner may have been a corrupt cop.
Po'ipu Peter M. Lenkov (Story) & Shane Salerno (Story/Teleplay) Brad Turner November 15th 2010 109
A member of a security detail is brutally murdered, prompting the H50 team to investigate with Steve being left betrayed and reeling after discovering that one of his fellow SEALs is the mastermind of the attacks which are being conducted against a military General and his family.
Heihei Sarah Goldfinger Elodie Keene November 22nd 2010 110
Four masked strangers attack an armored car, shooting three guards and killing two of them which happens in daylight. As the H50 team investigate and search for a motive, they discover that the killers may be participating in a triathlon event.
Palekaiko David Wolkove & J. R. Orci Frederick E.O. Toye December 6th 2010 111
The H50 team investigate when a young woman suffering from memory loss is found in a forest. When the woman's husband is found dead in a hotel room, the team suspect that there may be a serial killer on the loose...
Hana 'a'a Makehewa Peter M. Lenkov (Story)
Carol Barbee & Kyle Harimoto (Teleplay)
Chris Fisher December 13th 2010 112
Hana 'a'a Makehewa
The team investigate the death of an arms dealer and Steve learns that the man who killed his father has returned with a vengeance but when one of the team is kidnapped and has a bomb strapped to their neck, the stakes end up raising...
Ke Kinohi Peter M. Lenkov (Story)
Nicole Ranadive (Teleplay)
Brad Turner January 3rd 2011 113
Ke Kinohi
Steve finds three masked man invading his house and attempts to stop them, only to be knocked out. Once he's recovered, he later learns that his sister has been kidnapped and that it may be connected to a file concerning the homicide that killed Steve and Mary's mother nearly twenty years ago...
He Kane Hewa'ole Peter M. Lenkov & Paul Zbyszewski Chris Fisher January 11th 2011 114
He Kane Hewa'ole
A car chase ends in tragedy when the driver of the getaway car dies from wounds sustained in the accident and as the team investigate, they discover that there's more to the case than meets the eye.
Kai e'e Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder Duane Clark January 23rd 2011 115
Kai e'e
A tsunami warning brings Hawaii to a stand-still with the entire population being forced to leave and as the H50 team investigate, Steve begins to suspect that things may not be as clear cut as they supposedly are.
E Malama Carol Barbee (Story)
Kyle Harimoto & Shane Salerno (Teleplay)
Brad Turner February 3rd 2011 116
E Malama
As Steve, Chin and Kono search for a witness who's on the run from assassins set to kill her, Danny investigates after Rachel and Grace are carjacked.
Powa Maka Moana Joe Halpin Brad Turner February 14th 2011 117
Powa Maka Moana
The team face a crisis when a group of teenagers who are on Spring Break are kidnapped and held by a group of pirates demanding ransom but all is not what it seems..
Loa Aloha Paul Zbyszewski & Mike Schaub Eric Laneuville February 21st 2011 118
Loa Aloha
The team race to find and stop a grief-stricken man who also has a history of explosives and who is targeting and killing the children of the people who prosecuted his son while Danny's brother arrives on the island but Danny discovers that his brother is hiding something..
Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio J.R. Orci & David Wolkove Matt Earl Beesley March 21st 2011 119
Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio
The team hit a sci-fi convention to find out who killed a sci-fi fan by throwing the victim of the window of a hotel while Steve meets an agent with the CIA who offers to help him find out who killed his parents and why.
Ma Ke Kahakai Elwood Reid Larry Teng April 11th 2011 120
Ma Ke Kahakai
While out hiking, Steve and Danny discover a body but things take a turn when Steve falls, breaking his left arm. The team now set out to find who killed the victim and why as both Chin and Kono try to come to terms with the news that their Aunt Mele is dying.
Ho'opa'i Peter M. Lenkov (Story) & Shane Salerno (Story/Teleplay) Duane Clark April 18th 2011 121
The safehouse of an undercover FBI agent is attacked, resulting in the death of the agent's wife and also prompting the H50 team to investigate.
Ho'ohuli Na'au Peter M. Lenkov (Story) & Kyle Harimoto (Teleplay) Brad Turner May 2nd 2011 122
Ho'ohuli Na'au
The team investigate when a world famous photographer dies after getting caught in an explosion in his trailer while Chin faces Internal Affairs who want to question him about his uncle's actions.
Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau Peter M. Lenkov (Story) & David Wolkove (Teleplay) Steve Boyum May 9th 2011 123
Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau
The team's search for Wo Fat and Sang Min is sidelined when Danny begins displaying symptoms matching those of someone infected with a biological weapon. As Danny fights for his life in hospital, the rest of the team rally together to determine the motive for killing a man whose remains Danny touched, causing Danny to get infected and also the motive for the killing.
Oia'i'o Peter M. Lenkov & Paul Zbyszewski Brad Turner May 16th 2011 124
Season Finale. When Laura Hills, the Governor's assistant is killed in a car bomb, the H50 team investigate her murder while Steve discovers a connection between Wo Fat and the Governor which threatens the future of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force...

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