Steve Carver
Biographical Information
Name: Steve Carver
Children: Rhea Carver (Daughter)

Jenn Hassley (Granddaughter)

Physical Description
Status: Arrested.
Character Information
Appeared: Ua Lawe Wale
Portrayed by: Bruce Davison

Character Flag - American Male Criminal Season 2

Steve Carver is a cult leader who appeared in Ua Lawe Wale and who kidnapped his biological granddaughter Jenn Hassley due to the fact that Carver's daughter and Jenn's biological mother, Rhea had given her daughter up for adoption with Matt Porter's help, Rhea knowing that the cult that her own father ran would not allow her to seek any modern medical treatment for Jenn who was suffering from a heart condition as the cult itself believes that society and its own trappings are the workings of the Devil.