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Officer Tani Rey is a member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.

Season 8[]

Fire Will Never Say that It Has Had Enough - When we first meet Tani she is a lifeguard at a local hotel. While she is yelling at two boys Danny and Steve walk up to her and ask to speak to her. They try to get her to join Five-0, she politely declines the offer and goes on with her life. We later see Tani show up at the house of Aaron Wright where he is being held captive by Jason Duclair. When Five-0 shows up behind her the team is stunned that she is there. She is asked by McGarrett what she is doing there and she says that she changed her mind. The first more intimate scene we see Tani in is with her brother and their house, where she questions him about where he got an X-Box that she doesn't recognize, they argue and he leaves, she is a good actress.

Meanwhile, Steve has cooked up a little scheme to look into the disappearance of Waller, the missing headmaster of Lawrence Academy, a ritzy private school full of moneyed students and catty parents. While Steve and Danny both tell Tani and Junior the excuse that the exclusiveness of school has stopped HPD from making headway, both seem a little too pleased with the idea of making Junior and Tani take on undercover identities as prospective parents. Russo even joins in with a phony greenscreen photo shoot so the fake couple can dazzle the admissions staff with pictures of their precious Noah.

Both of 5-0’s newest members approach this task with a sense of humor. Tani especially gets some good lines off, teasing Lou about his daughter’s college expenses and rallying against the rigged admissions system. It doesn’t take long for Russo’s computer skills to point the finger at Ms. Meech, Waller’s smiley second-in-command. Junior and Tani are overjoyed to extract themselves from the obnoxious PTA members they've been questioning to give Meech an admissions interview of her own. Tani's mother died, when she and Koa were young, leaving her father to raise them on his own.

Season 9[]

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Season 10[]

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Possible future[]

In a possible future envisioned by Danny Williams, Tani became the leader of Five-0 and was married to Junior Reigns.[1]




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