Taylor Wily
Biographical Information
Real Name: Taylor Wily
Born: June 14, 1969
Age: 49
Originally From: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Personal Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrays: Kamekona Tupuola

Taylor Wily (June 14, 1969) also known as Teila Tuli, is a former sumo wrestler-turned-actor who plays Kamekona Tupuola on the Hawaii Five-0.

Life & CareerEdit

Credited as Taylor Wily, he had a role in the comedy film Forgetting Sarah Marshall as a hotel worker who befriended the main character played by Jason Segel. He also has a recurring role and later the regular cast in season 8 in the television series Hawaii Five-0. Wily made a cameo on the 20th edition of The Amazing Race, and handed out clues to racing contestants. He also appeared as an "extra" in Magnum, P.I.'s 1982 episode titled "The Eighth Part of the Village" in a street scene near a pool hall.

He also appeared as a sumo wrestler in an episode of One West Waikiki, another TV show filmed in Hawaii starring Cheryl Ladd. In that episode, he had hair, unlike his character in Hawaii Five-0, wrapped in the sumo style. The episode was "Battle of the Titans"

In 2017, Wily also appeared the reboot series MacGyver and Magnum P.I. for the crossover series.



  • He has a fighting style of Sumo and Boxing.
  • At UFC 1, He lost to Gerard Gordeau.
  • He is an amateur sumo wrestler from Hawaii who was one of a select group of Americans to compete in Japan, where he rose to the level of the makushita class.

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